coffee courses


coffee courses

We run regular public workshops at the roastery, as well as courses for one on one or small groups
for our upcoming workshops check here, or if you want to delve a little deeper check below


Held at our Roastery

1.5 - 2 hours

£10 per head (min. 5 people, max 10)

Taste a range of coffees back to back from hot to cold using an industry standard method called ‘cupping’

This is a great class for discussion and learning about coffee flavors and how temperature affects flavour

The class is rounded off with a selected coffee & brew method to highlight the desired characteristics in said coffee

[We also run public cuppings - check out what we have coming up here]


Held at our Roastery

1.5 hours

£25 per head (max. 3 people)

This course we look at the ‘illusive’ skill of latte art
We will focus on how to properly texture milk and provide you different methods to create latte art that you can then take home and perfect

home espresso + MILK COURSE

Held at our Roastery

1.5 hours

£30 per head (max. 4 people)

A practical course aimed at the coffee enthusiast or those wanting to make banging coffee at home - no experience required
We will explore the foundations of making consistently delicious espresso, and well textured milk so you can make the most out of your home espresso set up

brew methods COURSE

Held at our Roastery

1.5 hours

£30 per head (max. 6 people)

A practical course aimed at the coffee enthusiast or those wanting to make banging coffee at home - no experience required

We will explore in depth two hand brew methods of your choice (Aeropress/V60/Chemex/Clever Dripper - these can be methods you are familiar with but would like to develop better understanding of, or come along and try something new


Held at our Roastery

3 hours

£100 single attendee

£80 per head on groups of 2-4 people

Course Includes:

Origins of coffee- what makes specialty coffee different, how is coffee processed, degrees of roast

How to store coffee, coffee freshness- what happens when coffee is exposed to air

Adjusting grind- how to select the right setting for the grinder

Espresso theory- how extraction works, include correct and incorrect extraction, brew ratios

Espresso practical theory- pulling shots correctly & incorrectly, correct and incorrect tamping with examples as to how coffee is affected

Milk theory- what is micro foam, what happens when you overheat milk

Milk practical theory- create micro foam, show difference between correctly steamed and incorrectly steamed milk

Run-through of all the above putting into place what we have learnt. Finish with Q&A

Professional Barista

Held at our Roastery

5 hours

£180 per person

In this course we will cover everything in our above courses (brew methods, cupping, barista and latte art) and condense it into this one class
Ideal for 1 to 2 people and for those who want to step up their barista game

Roastery tours

We are currently moving our roaster to a shiny new home!

Watch this space...

our wholesale customers receive free coffee training - if you are interested in training or serving our coffee hit us up on boscanovacoffee@gmail.com


we are also pretty stoked to have some of our courses available through skill shop - check them out at skill-shop.com


coffee for events

coffee for events

if you have an event of any kind (wedding, conference, tuesday, etc.) we can help make sure you have some great coffee to go with it - from filter to espresso, or a combo of the two, we can bring you the goods

email boscanovacoffee@gmail.com for pricing and details





We now have our roaster up and running and by golly we've roasted some kick ass coffee already

check out scr or boscanova and our coffee family for what we've roasted recently.


Coming soon to a mug near you we have some new season beans from guatamala, D.R. congo, colombia, boliva, honduras, el salvador, indonesia & brazil! 
We also have some stonking blends - the 'high tide' and 'single fin' 'spro blends, and 'jaffa' and 'whipskid' filter blends
check out our cafes and coffee family to taste some of the good stuff in person, or have it delivered right to your favourite mug at home by visiting our webshop