About Me and This Site

The Caffeine Hustler

Hello there fellow routine caffeine team players!

My name is Clayton and I’m the Founder, Writer, Editor, Reviewer, and Caffeine Consumer for the Caffeine Hustler.

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In 2017 I quit my job in the technology field where I have a BS in Information Technology. After seeing how saturated and competitive the tech field is I decided to fully commit to my passion for Content Marketing, SEO, and Web Design.

Clayton, Another Routine Caffeine Team Player

Why I Started This Site

I’m currently 25 and I’ve had my fair share of caffeinated experience. Whether it’s coffee in the morning to wake up, Red Bull’d all-nighters in college, or a caffeine-rich pre-workout.

These days I still use coffee to wake up. However, there’s almost no self-induced late night sugar/caffeine crashes.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about Coffee, Tea, and other caffeinated beverages and figured a website was a great way to share my passion with like-minded people who might enjoy reading about my perspectives on these subjects.


I’ve consumed a lot of caffeine in my life and I mean that literally and figuratively. My goal is to share information on this subject that I’ve consumed through forums, websites, facebook groups, books, and trial and error.

While doing my own research, I’ve come to realize there is a real disconnect between the writer and the readers. I figured with my content marketing abilities I’d be able to share more actionable and educational advice.

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Lastly, most freelancers and self-employed people have a way of describing themselves with these crazy monikers. Often referring to themselves as “Hustlers.” I’m far from being a hustler, but let this coffee nerd have some fun.

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